Black Rock sport fishing

Commonly called by their commercial name “Scup”, porgies are great fun to catch with their lightning fast nibbling bites. The captain takes you to the right spot, put a piece of clam on the hook, drop it down and Bam! You got one, sometime two at a time. Kids love catching porgies as do adults. Its fun and easy and they are great eating.
         A huge misconception is that Porgies have a lot of bones. This is not true as they have the same as most any fish. After the mate filets your catch of Porgies you have a nice big bag of sweet white meat with no bones at all. Great to fry, sauté or lightly grill. Of course should you like them the classic Mediterranean style and cook them whole on the grill or fried, the mate will remove all the guts and gills making them ready to cook.
         Everyone has a great time Porgies Fishing with Capt Sloan on Black Rock Fishing Charters Orient Point which has great access to all North Fork Fishing Porgy spots. Kids fishing or adult fishing, porgie fishing is great fun. Call now to get in on the action.

Season; June 15 - Nov 1   10 fish/angler 60 fish/angler  in Sept and Oct

Porgies Fishing
Captain Sloan
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